Decals are my favourite toy. Thank you to April Gates of Blackbird Pottery for showing me how. I spent weeks researching which ancient printers have enough iron oxide to leech into the glaze, and more weeks on Craigslist getting a printer, cords, ink and decal paper. And it was TOTALLY worth it. See for yourself. Maybe you need a mug with your children, pets or favourite loved one on it...

Campbell Ceramics

Kingdom of Camelot part 2

And when Skeletor created this alliance, he unwittingly attracted characters like Little Luck. There is no one online that can insult you with so much love. Sometimes whole conversations would go by before I would realize that Luck had gotten a zinger over on me. A funny, funny man with a razor sharp tongue and a warm heart. Thanks for the laughs, Luke. Enjoy the mug.