Decals are my favourite toy. Thank you to April Gates of Blackbird Pottery for showing me how. I spent weeks researching which ancient printers have enough iron oxide to leech into the glaze, and more weeks on Craigslist getting a printer, cords, ink and decal paper. And it was TOTALLY worth it. See for yourself. Maybe you need a mug with your children, pets or favourite loved one on it...

Campbell Ceramics

Kingdom of Camelot

While going through a divorce and a couple of family deaths, I discovered Kingdom of Camelot and the amazing Skeletor. I can't thank him enough for including me in the little alliance he formed (top 5 this week, thank you very much) and making me laugh again. Its decidedly strange to spend hours and hours with people you would and will never meet in "real life." I can't count the number of times I wiped away tears of laughter. TV can't do that for you...Thanks Mike, enjoy the beer glass.